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Japan’s Luxurious Artist – Handmade Japanese Wooden Getas

(Traditional Japanese clogs)


                                       Previous Exhibition Events

                                  2006: Milano Fashion Week (UPSIDE- Artist Department)

                                  2008: Omotesando, Tokyo at an Open Gallery

                                  2009: Art Gallery at Mito with collaboration with Hanae Mori.

                                  2010: Takashimaya Department Stores in Japan.



Each and every one of her getas are fully handmade and carefully painted with her own two hands. With one thin paintbrush, Chie Suzuki has worked exclusively as an artist with style for over 10 years. Chie brings exciting color contrasts, and a skill with shapes and captures traditional Japanese culture to her work. She has proactively been exhibiting her getas on numerous T.V channels in Japan such as “Nittere” (日テレ) and displays her artwork as bold and sensuous.

Just like our other services, her getas are just one of a kind and her artwork simply brings life to them. They can either be worn or simply be displayed in your living room to give your room an extra Asian taste. Whether you have a nautical modern look or a Zen inspired living room, there is just about something for everyone in this set. Strings that go around the foot (“hanao”) can be also be selected and can be customized accordingly to your taste!! Order yours today and make your room hip and modern!

Expected Delivery Time: Roughly 2 months. (Lead time negotiable.) Weight: Approximately 500g. Prices will range from ¥30,000~¥35,000.** Excluding shipping and custom fees. Contact us for more details!

For more information click her Facebook Page to get more insights on her artwork! (Please do note it is purely in Japanese. Should you have any questions regarding her page, please contact us at

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For those who would like to order your personal getas, you can still orders yours through us! Please e-mail your shoe size and design to or contact us using our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible and have your getas shipped to your doorstep!