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All throughout this year, we have been searching for many exclusive gift ideas that could surprise your loved ones and have decided to bring luxury online jewelry collection by collaborating with Tokyo#Tokyo Luxe. Read more ... » Gem Collection made in Japan.


Stay tuned with the latest news and product announcements from luxury services & items that we will be updating every month! Tokyo Luxe has carefully selected high quality gemstones for all consumers, designers and artists at an affordable, artist-direct prices. With these high quality gems, you can customize your jewelry with your favorite gemstones by selecting the shape and color to make your OWN jewelry collection.

Tokyo Gem Collection has carefully paired each and every gemstones by similar dimensions to make its own unique pair of jewelry. Each beautiful and luxurious gemstone has its own work of art that will add even more color and vibrancy to an outfit. Personalize your jewelry with rings and necklaces that feature your birthstone. Whether it is for a birthday or for an anniversary day, birthstone jewelry is the best ideal gift for both men and women. Why not purchase yours today along with our personalized VIP#Tokyo Luxe. Read more ... » packages just for you and your loved one. We ship overseas as well. Contact us the name of the gemstone/jewelry and quantity and we can get them shipped ASAP. For people who live in Tokyo, please do give us a call and we can discuss the details in person.

Want to know your birthstone today??

Tokyo Luxe Photos
When you’re running late for an event or party, why not just slip on a blue topaz necklace for a classy and luxurious look?

Organize your valuable jewelry in your new jewelry boxes and get your fine faceted gemstones today! Tokyo Gem Collection is filled with extremely special jewelry design full of natural beauty. Check out their selection of high-quality gemstones that are exceptionally consistent and full of striking colors and patterns. (Note that the pictures below may differentiate in color to the real gemstones.)

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Amethyst Flower Facet Cut

¥ 4,500/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxLxW): 7 x 7 x 3.5mm
Weight: 1.93ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Peridot Pear Shape Brilliant Cut

¥ 15,000/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (H x W): 6.9 x 9
Weight: 3.27 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Garnet Purple Rare Color Heart Facet Cut

¥ 2,000/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (H x W): 4.8 x 4.8
Weight: 0.89 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Pink Sapphire Heart Shape

¥ 45,000/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxW): 4.9 x 4.8
Weight: 1.02 ct 

Tokyo Luxe Photos 

Columbia Emerald Diamond Cut

¥ 9,000/set (2 pieces)
2.4 Round
Weight: 0.13 ct

   Tokyo Luxe Photos

 Natural Pink Diamond Round Shape

¥ 5,000/set (2 pieces)
1.5 Round
Weight: 0.033 ct

 Tokyo Luxe Photos

Blue Topaz Mirror Ball

¥ 6,500/set (2 pieces)
160 Faces Facet Cut
6mm Round Shape
Weight: 4.23ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

 Garnet Brillant Cut Oval

¥ 3,500/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL): 7 x9mm
Weight: 3.99 ct   

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Moon Stone Brilliant Cut

¥ 1,800/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL): 5 x7mm
Shape: Pear
Weight: 1.09 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Chrysoprase Pear Shape

¥ 6,000/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL x W): 7 x 9 x 3.4mm
Weight: 2.97 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Aquamarine Hexagon Shape

¥ 15,000/set (2 pieces)
5 Round
Weight: 1.13 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos 

 Amethyst Parasol Cut

¥ 6,500/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL): 8 x 8 mm
Weight: 3.02 ct 

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Coral Oval Shape

¥ 5,000/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL x W): 7 x 9 x 3.5mm
Weight: 3.37 ct

 Tokyo Luxe Photos

Moon Stone Cabochon Pear Shape

¥ 2,500/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL x W): 6 x 9 x 3.6mm
Weight: 2.90 ct

 Tokyo Luxe Photos

Aquamarine Facet Cut

¥ 5,500/set (2 pieces)
4.5 Round
Weight: 0.61 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos  

Pink Opal Cabochon Pear Shape

¥ 30,000/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL x W): 10 x 14 x 5.5mm
Weight: 10.14 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Charoite Heart Shape

¥ 5,000/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL x W): 10 x 10 x 5.3mm
Weight: 7.49 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

High Cabochon Amethyst Cushion Shape

¥ 12,000/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL x W): 9 x 9 x 6.7mm
Weight: 8.86 ct

 Tokyo Luxe Photos

Sun Stone Cabochon Oval Shape

¥ 7,000/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL x W): 5 x 7 x 2.7mm
Weight: 1.58 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Strawberry Quarts Heart Cabochon Shape

¥ 8,000/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL x W): 10 x 10 x 5.5mm
Weight: 7.86 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

 Amethyst Brilliant Cut Pear Shape

¥ 3,000/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL): 7 x 9 mm
Weight: 2.65 ct 

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Stone: Blue Topaz (2 pairs)

Blue Topaz represents eternal romance, friendship, desire.
Stud Type Diamond Cut Post: K18 White Gold Catch with K18 White Gold Silicon.
Birth Stone: November ¥ 9,500/set (2 pieces)

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Natural Crystal Pair Loose Star Cut Shape

¥ 800/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL): 4.9 x 4.9 mm
Weight: 0.52 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Blue Topaz Pair Loose Cushion Cut

¥ 8000/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxLxW): 8 x 8 x 5.5 mm
Weight: 5.77 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Blue Topaz Pair Loose Apicot Cut

¥ 6,500/set (2 pieces)
Dimension (HxL): 8 x 8 x 4.4 mm
Weight: 4.85 ct

Tokyo Luxe Photos

Stone: Turquoise (7.01ct)

This turquoise stone is a high-quality stone from Arizona.

Birth Stone: December ¥ 9,500/set (2 pieces)
Hook: K14 White Gold
Stone Size: 5 x19 mm

Tokyo Luxe Photos

 Stone: Ruby Necklace (Length: 40cm)

Birth Stone: July ¥ 3,800
Cubic Zirconia: 7 stones
Chain:  Silver 925

Tokyo Luxe Photos

 Stone: Pink Opal (2 stones: 5.52ct)

Hook: K18 White Cold Swing Type
Birth Stone: October ¥ 9,500/set (2 pieces)

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 Stone: Pearl Pierce (Acoya Pearls: 5mmx19mm))

Birth Stone: June¥ 10,500/set (2 pieces)
Pearl is a high-quality stone represents health and purity

Tokyo Luxe Photos

 Stone: Pink Opal (2 pieces: 3.28ct)Post: K18 White Gold

Birth Stone: October ¥ 8,000/set (2 pieces)
Catch: K18 White Gold With Silcon (Size: 8mmx8mm)

Tokyo Luxe Photos

 Stone: Blue Topaz (2 pieces: 4.21ct)

Stone Cut: 160 degrees Cut Mirror Ball Swing Type  ¥ 8,000/set (2 pieces)
Post: K18 White Gold, size: 6mmx6mm

With our busy schedule ahead of us everyday, time has become a true luxury. This is why we are providing you this service to offer you the best and one of a kind jewelry virtual shopping service that is tailor-made toward clients to make your life easier. Keep tuning in our website on a monthly basis. We will be changing and updating new products every month. If you have any questions regarding the products above, contact us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours guaranteed!! Order yours today.

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