Spa Treatment and Fine Dining

A combination package of a spa treatment and fine dining is one our popular packages. With over 36 million people visiting Tokyo#Tokyo Luxe. Read more ... » this year, the average weekend in Tokyo will be booked at 94% capacity! This means it’s nearly impossible to get reservations to your favorite spa treatment and fine dining spots. Most restaurants are booked 2 months in advance and only speak Japanese. Not to worry. Tokyo Luxe can help. As some of you know, there was an article out from Bloomberg written by Michael Steinberger on what Japanese chefs look for when serving food to their customers. With over 127 million people living in Japan, Tokyo has topped Paris in fine dining- receiving more Michelin Stars and serving  better food than Paris. From making suggestions on the hottest restaurants in town to introducing you to the jewels that are off the beaten path, we can be your inside connection to some of the finest dining experiences in Tokyo. We can give you suggestions to our best choices here in Tokyo and experience a luxurious time with your private chefs! Experience the elegance of Tokyo Luxe Dining without the fuss of standing in line for hours.

The best way to splurge your visit:

  1. Indulge in a range of luxury spa treatments by a rich, detoxifying Spirulina wrap to purify, nourish your body.
  2. Experience the exquisite fine dining menu overlooking the cityscape of Tokyo.
  3. Experience the best jazz bar or lounge to finish your night.

Let us help you combine your package with the best spa treatment. We can schedule you in before your dinner to truly experience a luxury weekend getaway in the heart of Tokyo. Pamper yourself by getting a spa treatment and relax your soul and mind with us here in Tokyo.